Can You Guess These 10 Famous Quotes Every Gamer Should Know?

Would you kindly fill in the blanks?

10 famous game quotes every gamer should know

Guessing these quotes really shouldn’t be hard, but if you’re struggling, scroll down for answers.

Way down.


More down.


Just remember that guessing can be fun!


Scrolling to the list will just spoil the fun for you.


But OK.


Here it comes.


Nope. Not yet.


OK fine. Full list here:

  1. “KIROV REPORTING” from Red Alert 2
  2. “All you had to do was follow the damn train!” GTA: San Andreas
  3. “FUS RO DAH” Skyrim
  4. “Your princess is in another castle!” Super Mario
  5. “Heroes never die!” Overwatch
  6. “Wololo” Age of Empires 2
  7. “Hey! Listen!” fuck this
  8. “Ssshhhhh…” Minecraft, every time you’ve finished building something beautiful
  9. “All your base are belong to us!” Zero Wing
  10. “…” Gordon Freeman, he actually never says anything, which is why he’s pushing around carts of hazardous materials for $4.50 an hour.

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3 thoughts on “Can You Guess These 10 Famous Quotes Every Gamer Should Know?”

  1. As soon as I saw that Kirov, Soviet March started playing in my head! always loved the C&C Red Alert Series!

    Aside from that, quotes I got were
    your Princess was in another castle
    Heroes never die
    and All your base Are Belong to Us!

    Have yet to play Half Life, GTA: San Andreas, AoE, and I just didn’t remember the Pixie thing


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