Gamer Problems Then & Now

Someone will die playing Pokemon Go.

Gamer Problems Then & Now - Mart Virkus

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69 thoughts on “Gamer Problems Then & Now”

  1. Oh. My. Self. I agree so much with. Egoraptor once did whole talk about this [beep] thing called “How to play”. Games these days threats players like idiots. Press A to jump…


  2. Is that the story line from the Stanley Parable? That’s a nice touch.

    I’d go back and replay that game, but I’ve only got a few years yet on my five year achievement.

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  3. HA ha ha HA ha haaaaaa fuck me. The straight forwardness is the most bittersweet for me. Don’t miss spending 2 hours figuring out how to get out of the server room in Megaman Battle Network 3, but I’m also not a huge fan of “press this button with mild reflexes and win”


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  5. Haha this is just wonderful!

    It’s funny I think with a lot of us that grew up with the development of gaming and such a lot of these jokes hit a special spot in our lives.

    Despite all our individual interests (Mine is Theology/Volunteering for this blog) we all have this in common 🙂

    Great post! And congrats on being listed as one of the most popular posts on all of wordpress right now!


  6. Waiting for your turn to play, coupled with “Getting given the guest controller.” Some translucent wired piece of crap with uncomfortable hard rubber handles and worn down thumbsticks.


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