This War Of Mine – A Depressing Review

This War of Mine is a depression simulator that asks the question few games have: “how shit are you at being a decent human?”

This war of mine review by arcade rage

If you’re the kind of person who thinks most war games lack realism, then “This War of Mine” is for you – you’ll enjoy various fun activities such as “digging through rubble with bare hands”*, “begging for clean drinking water”* and “talking your characters out of committing suicide”*.

*- actual goddamned features – WTF.

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11 thoughts on “This War Of Mine – A Depressing Review”

  1. Lol! I loved this game… Can’t say it depressed me much, but after one playthrough (everybody lived!) my nerves were pretty much shot. No game has ever managed to do that to me before.


      1. This game just isn’t very forgiving of misunderstandings – I accidentally rifled through a stash of stuff at the hospital (the icon didn’t identify it as “stealing”). I immediately stopped when the guy started shouting, but it was too late. My girl barely made it out alive, and I couldn’t go near the hospital again. Managed without it, though.

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  2. I felt the same way when i was presented with the scenarios in the game. I can say that i did managed to survive (beat the game) without ever doing anything that made me feel bad. It is just harder to do so because you have to focus on taking stuff only from the “bad” guys. But they usually have guns which means “gaming skills” are required in order to stealth, fight, run and not get killed.


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