Survive Silicon Valley in the “Unicorn Startup Simulator”

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in the startup world? Well…

Behold the Unicorn Startup Simulator!

Unicorn Startup Simulator by Toggl

With artwork by yours truly, the Unicorn Simulator lets you experience the ups and downs of the startup life.


It’s like the “Farming Simulator” for the Millennial generation. It’s the “Reigns” for twats.

This was the first time for me to actually be part of the development process of a game.

We created it with the people behind the Toggl time tracking app, during a team retreat in the fine town of North Berwick, Scotland. For us, it was a way to do something a little different from our daily jobs.

This was also the first time to play around with pixel art.

I might do something else with that in the future, but for now – back to the drawing board.


Published by

Crash Gordon

Maker of comics at

4 thoughts on “Survive Silicon Valley in the “Unicorn Startup Simulator””

  1. One lesson from this…
    Bow down to your spoiled millennial employee’s, or go back to uber driving.
    10/10 would have a 770 mil startup crash because i wouldn’t let 3 guys go on a sabbatical together
    All jokes aside, great game


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