Minecraft vs. Rimworld

Rimworld is a gruelling space survival simulator for people who enjoy being abused by a game:

Rimworld vs. Minecraft - by Mart Virkus

The level of detail in Rimworld is incredible. To keep your colony going you don’t just have to consider raiders, soil fertility rates, degradation rates of various pieces of equipment and nutritional values of different foods, but also the personalities of your colonists, down to how difficult their goddamned childhood was.

Even an untreated scratch on a colonist’s fucking earlobe can set off a destructive sequence of events that can lead to your entire colony getting wiped out.

Also, if you happen to get a pyromaniac with a drug habit in your group, you might as well start over. You cannot win.

Really, Rimworld is not about whether you die or not, but when, how and through which incredibly unfortunate sequence of events.

So yeah, it’s basically Dwarf Fortress, but with human-readable graphics.



Published by

Crash Gordon

Maker of comics at Arcaderage.co

2 thoughts on “Minecraft vs. Rimworld”

  1. When I first started playing Rimworld it sucked me right in. Luckily I had a few days of so nobody noticed that I spent a week with some eight hour sessions to help my colony survive. 100% accurate comic! 10/10 would play again


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