Rainbow Six – All Year 3 Operators [Updated]

I don’t always update old content, but when I do I give Jäger his Acog back (almost):

All Rainbow Six Siege Operators - Year 3

This is basically an update to the old Year 3 operators group pic. Since then, Ubisoft has added Maverick, Clash, Kaid and Nomad.

Full changelog:

  • Fixed issue where attackers are not shooting surveillance cameras as they bloody well should
  • Fixed Evil Eye placement issues
  • Aesthetic changes to Castle
  • Fixed issue where Jäger is not taunted for losing his ACOG
  • Fixed issue where Bandit was accidentally electrocuting himself
  • Failed to fix issue with missing sunglasses on Pulse

Published by

Crash Gordon

Maker of comics at Arcaderage.co

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