When You Fail A Charisma Saving Roll

*Rolls a four* Son of a bitch.

Taako stole a bunch of gold

If you have no idea what this comic is about, check out The Adventure Zone – it’s a Dungeons and Dragons podcast run by three brothers and their dad playing the game, often poorly.

If this floats your boat even a little, start with their Balance story arc featuring Magnus the reckless warrior, Merle the cleric who needs help with his dice and Taako, America’s favourite dumb wizard.

Episode one starts out pretty slow as the crew is figuring out the rules and characters, but it picks up soon enough and the series turns into an amazing, hilarious campaign with a lot of twists and turns.

You can also check out Episode 5 to get the reference and get a taste of the wizardry.

Easily the most entertaining podcast I’ve ever listened to.

Published by

Crash Gordon

Maker of comics at Arcaderage.co

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