Assassin’s Creed Every Time I Climb a Wall

“Leap of faith”? More like “Leap of could you fucking not“:

Climbing mechanic in Assassin's Creed

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Every Civilization Game Ever

Say goodbye to your loved ones – Civilization VI is coming out this week:

How every Civilization game ends up

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4 Game AI’s That Just Can’t Handle Stealth

Mafia 3 is an amazing game. Sadly, your enemies are lemmings who just can’t get enough of your blade:

4 games with dumb enemy AI

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30 Days of Half-Life

Over the course of October, I’ll be drawing my way through the plot of Half-Life.

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30 Day Half Life Drawing Challenge by Mart Virkus

30 Days of Half Life - 02 - Hazardous Environment

Half Life Challenge #3 - Anomalous Materials

Resonance Cascade by Mart Virkus

Unforeseen Consequences by Mart Virkus

Gordon Freeman's crowbar by Mart Virkus

The story of course follows Gordon Freeman, a lowly logistics engineer (he literally just has to push around a trolley) who finds himself in the midst of an alien apocalypse after two irresponsible scientists fail to abort an incredibly reckless experiment despite some obvious warning signs.

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Broforce – an All-American Review

Ever wondered what bald eagles do after making sweet, sweet American love? They play Broforce:

Broforce review by Mart Virkus

This is literally what Broforce is about – protecting democracy and freedom by blasting everything else to hell using the biggest collection of action movie icons ever crammed into any format ever. Why? Because AMERICA.

This War Of Mine – A Depressing Review

This War of Mine is a depression simulator that asks the question few games have: “how shit are you at being a decent human?”

This war of mine review by arcade rage

If you’re the kind of person who thinks most war games lack realism, then “This War of Mine” is for you – you’ll enjoy various fun activities such as “digging through rubble with bare hands”*, “begging for clean drinking water”* and “talking your characters out of committing suicide”*.

*- actual goddamned features – WTF.