10 Different Gameplay Experiences Explained Using the Combat Mechanics

Ever wondered what’s the difference between a “game mechanic” and “gameplay”? Here’s 10 examples to help you understand. Take with salt:

Game Combat Mechanics Explained - Mart Virkus


Published by

Crash Gordon

Maker of comics at Arcaderage.co

64 thoughts on “10 Different Gameplay Experiences Explained Using the Combat Mechanics”

      1. You fire on someone who hasn’t noticed you yet. You keep firing. They look around for you. You keep firing. They finally see you. You keep firing. They slowly raise their weapon and fire 1 shot. You’re dead. They have 1hp left and run away.


  1. The joke about Bastion getting POTG is old, not funny and specially bad because its simple not true anymore. Now that people actually learned what the game is about there is much less people playing Bastion (and even less playing him well).
    Was in general a good post though


  2. You forget Junkrat getting those phat 4 man wheels, and Reinhardt’s shield push that saved the game getting passed over (I am that Reinhardt an I get extra salty every time)


  3. Loving in. Can you do something silly for Pokemon Go?
    I’m scheming about a super secret character, #000, and a way to tease the Pokemon Go players too


  4. The artwork used to illustrate the frustration of these gaming experiences are too funny and definitely spot on. Out of all these annoying ass games I really love Dark Souls and Alien Isolation especially their game play for both are more or less a test of your endurance and I think are masterpiece overall for concept. But since this post is related to game play and game mechanics I was wondering if anyone may be interested, even the creator, to check out my game idea I’ve written up on Reddit. I’d greatly appreciate it.


  5. Razer, you bought this product and is dead out of the box, you try to complain to their official page and even min liang tan… They ban you from commenting.


  6. Borderlands 2:
    You have a weapon, but you want a better one, so you farm for hours.
    Then you get it, but it’s not the prefixx or the level that you have wanted, so you farm again.


  7. Metroid Prime:
    You have a gun. You lose all it’s cool powers. You spend the rest of the game getting lost in the map trying to find them.


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