30 Days of Half-Life

Over the course of October, I’ll be drawing my way through the plot of Half-Life.

Follow my Twitter or Instagram for daily updates on Gordon Freeman’s worst day ever:

30 Day Half Life Drawing Challenge by Mart Virkus

30 Days of Half Life - 02 - Hazardous Environment

Half Life Challenge #3 - Anomalous Materials

Resonance Cascade by Mart Virkus

Unforeseen Consequences by Mart Virkus

Gordon Freeman's crowbar by Mart Virkus

The story of course follows Gordon Freeman, a lowly logistics engineer (he literally just has to push around a trolley) who finds himself in the midst of an alien apocalypse after two irresponsible scientists fail to abort an incredibly reckless experiment despite some obvious warning signs.

When the original Half-Life came out it changed gaming forever. Despite the fact that Black Mesa is seemingly run by Darwin Award nominees, few games have immersed players so completely into their world & story.

The idea of the challenge is to pay tribute to this absolute gaming gem – and also to force myself to draw something every day.

P.S. As always, there’s an easter egg somewhere in there…

Published by

Crash Gordon

Maker of comics at Arcaderage.co

9 thoughts on “30 Days of Half-Life”

    1. If you look at the titles of every picture, their first letters correspond to elements of the periodic table, with the background colours matching their types. They are also in the order of appearance.

      Yeah I know, don’t know why I expected someone to notice 😀


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