Why Gordon Freeman Never Speaks

Not the greatest conversationalist.

Why Gordon Freeman Never Speaks

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The Periodic Table of Half-Life

Follow the full story of Gordon Freeman’s worst day ever, in 30 tiny frames:

The Periodic Table of Half Life

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30 Days of Half-Life

Over the course of October, I’ll be drawing my way through the plot of Half-Life.

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30 Day Half Life Drawing Challenge by Mart Virkus

30 Days of Half Life - 02 - Hazardous Environment

Half Life Challenge #3 - Anomalous Materials

Resonance Cascade by Mart Virkus

Unforeseen Consequences by Mart Virkus

Gordon Freeman's crowbar by Mart Virkus

The story of course follows Gordon Freeman, a lowly logistics engineer (he literally just has to push around a trolley) who finds himself in the midst of an alien apocalypse after two irresponsible scientists fail to abort an incredibly reckless experiment despite some obvious warning signs.

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