A Noob’s Guide to Rainbow Six Operators

So you’ve just picked up Rainbow Six: Siege? That’s unfortunate. Here’s a few operators who can make your life easier:

A Noob's Guide to Rainbow Six Operators

Siege is not your typical run and gun shooter. You’ll need tactics, patience, wits and 4 team mates who aren’t total assholes.

At least 3 of those things you can learn.

Here’s a short list of what operators are good for filthy casuals:


Big man with a giant hammer, your go-to guy for going through any soft obstacles. He also carries frag grenades, which can be absolutely deadly when used right.

Sledge is great on vertical levels and maps with destructible floors – if you manage to get on top of the objective room and break a hole in the floor, you can really ruin someone’s day.


Always put up walls.

Siege is confusing at first, but anybody can help with fortifying a room. Mute also has jammers that disable electronic breaching devices – place these next to barricaded walls to give attackers fewer routes to the objective.

When the round starts, all you have left to do is not die as long as possible.


Your job is to place grenade catching devices near doors and windows. Super simple, but saves lives.


Fuze takes a bit of experience to be effective, but even if you’re useless he’s still fun to play.  If you do manage to figure out the right time to fire a cluster charge into the objective room, you can really do some damage.

Also, if you bring Fuze to a hostage rescue, your team will probably shoot you as soon as the match begins.


Like Mute, Bandit can help protect the walls against breaching devices. Plus electrified barbed wire traps can be deadly. They’re also great for killing drones.


Has a grenade launcher for breaking walls. Has a rifle for breaking people. She’s a pretty straightforward shooter.


If you wanna take your chances and meet the attackers outside the objective, Ela offers an OK chance of survival. She’s got a great rifle, and placing flashbang traps over doors gives you an edge. But please leave some in the objective room.


If you’re just starting out with Siege, chances are you’ll die before you even get close to the objective. Hibana can fire her breaching charges from a distance, which is definitely more comfortable than sticking your face into a fortified wall.


When the round starts, just drop your armor bag. That’s all you have to do.


For a more serious guide into top Siege operators, PC Gamer has a great article here.



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