A Very Short Review of Far Cry 5 [comic]

It’s OK.

A Very Short Comic Review of Far Cry 5

It’s not a bad game – it’s simply one of those “oh, that’s cool” kinda games.

The villains are great. The gameplay is not challenging but it kinda works.Stealth is definitely optional. You get most of the gear you’ll need at the very start and then it’s basically a lot of America and shooting.

Far Cry 5 is like catching a “Friends” re-run – when it’s on, you’ll love it but you won’t rush home just to see it.

It’s a hilarious GIF you find on 9Gag and save for later, but never use again.

It’s r/mildlyinteresting.

It’s 5/7.

It’s basically as averagely awesome as apple pie.

It’s worth getting – but wait for a discount.

Published by

Crash Gordon

Maker of comics at Arcaderage.co

6 thoughts on “A Very Short Review of Far Cry 5 [comic]”

  1. Once you know the game of FC3 & 4 or are playing at super hard difficulty (i.e. enemies do more damage), stealth is most definitely optional for those games as well


  2. Getting your stuff early/midgame and be able to use it for the rest is actually nice. with most games you get the good stuff at the end and can use fopr the last boss or so.


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