Battle Royale Hype Train

Even Tetris is doing it.

Battle Royale Hype Train

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How Feedback Loops Work in Game Design

Ever wondered why Mario Kart invented the Blue Shell?

How Games Use Feedback Loops

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Guard Logic in Hitman

“I’ve found an obviously dangerous explosive device!” *stashes it in pocket, leaves*

Guard logic in Hitman

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Broforce – an All-American Review

Ever wondered what bald eagles do after making sweet, sweet American love? They play Broforce:

Broforce review by Mart Virkus

This is literally what Broforce is about – protecting democracy and freedom by blasting everything else to hell using the biggest collection of action movie icons ever crammed into any format ever. Why? Because AMERICA.

When You Get Screwed By the Season Pass

Buying a season pass is like having a Christmas stocking that may or may not be filled with poop, but the only way you can find out is by tasting it blindfolded.

Your reaction when you get screwed over with the season pass

What’s the worst season pass you’ve ever bought?